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In the spring of 2008 after working many years in the construction Industry Josh Dykstra thought it wise to pursue striking off on his own.  And started with 1 brand new tandem axle dump truck and formed the company originally named Mighty Peace Enterprises Ltd.  After 7 years a decision was made to amend the company name to Advantage Truck & Bobcat Inc. to better describe and market the business. 

Today, we have multiple pieces of equipment and can tackle small to large asphalt paving projects.  We continually innovate and modify our equipment to deliver outstanding quality and efficiency.

We know how important your property, business, church, factory, machine shop, medical facility, condo, strip mall, convenience store is to you!  (we probably missed a few but we care too!).  For that reason, we work extremely hard to respect your time! We take great pride in new construction of acreage driveways, parking lots and occasional necessary repairs

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