Snow Removal - Bobcat Work


  • we haul 14.5-15.5 tonnes legally, both trucks have the maximum GVW of 24,300KG in Alberta with 385 front tires (legal requirement for GVW) and are equipped with good back up lights for night work or low light operations 

  • day rate with operator $85/hour

  • night rate with operator $95/hour

  • out of town add $10/hour with travel billed in accordingly

  • 3 hour minimum charge

  • delivered prices to be determined prior to delivery


  • we clear for general contractors, commercial businesses, condominiums, property management firms, churches, strip malls, banks - call ins, contracts, push and pile or haul  

  • our S300 2 Speed 81 Horse power Bobcat makes short work of heavy snow equipped with a 98" snow bucket and goes out for $95-105/hour.  This machine is capable of loading tandems, end dumps and tri-dumps with ease and has loaded thousands of trucks already when loaders were unable to keep up with the demand

Parking Lot Maintenance
  • outdoor parking lot sweeping, collecting and removal of winter sanding (March/April) (dry or wet)

  • concrete/rubber curb stop supply and install

  • mobile pressure washing and line painting

  • (excavation and removal of 300mm-500mm for sub grades) with premium granular road base hauled in compacted & hydrated for optimal load bearing of concrete & asphalt driveways 

  • Occasionally implementing geo-textile fabrics for heavy duty applications, poor sub grade conditions or both