Asphalt patching pictured above from cutting a clean line, to removing the old asphalt, cleaning the site and applying an asphalt bonder to prepare it for hot mix asphalt and then paving (in this case in 2 evenly compacted lifts), drive on ready in 24 hours.


With over 10 years of experience trucking in and around Edmonton, we look after our customers in both hauling, sourcing and locating ideal material.  We are a trucking company that cares, we show that by doing everything we can to ensure our equipment is well maintained, our documents are up to date and road use permits purchased when, where and if necessary.  We obey road bans, no exceptions and have done everything possible to reduce our equipment's impact on established roads by modifying both trucks to accommodate 385 (roughly 15" wide each) front tires with 14,600 lbs front axles (the minimum requirement- (lightest option) optimizing load capacity).  This has a twofold benefit, it gives us the ability to legally haul the maximum 24,300KG GVRW for tandem rear axle trucks in Alberta while minimizing road impact by decreasing road psi.